Wednesday, November 7, 2012

v3.26 Release

* Fixed a bug that I have to kill you select a song

I fixed a bug that occurred frequently in v3.25.
Cause was terminated because when playing a song that is not set album art, does not have a NULL check of the image.

* Solved the problem that takes a long time to register the songs
Fixed an issue that takes a long time after the selection of the song, until the music is played.
I have modified to use the database directly where have inserted a large amount of data via ContentProvider. This is implemented in C such modifications as the process has been implemented in Java.

* Fixed a bug that I have not updated the rating
I fixed a bug in the update of the rating does not reflect

In addition to this there is a bug in fact. The following bugs are fixed in the next update.

* There is a problem you can not select a song from the file view
* A device that is not installed GooglePlay can not install the plug-in.

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