Monday, November 5, 2012

REL v3.25

JUST PLAYER v3.25 was released.

Major modifications are "Changes in the way to save the playlist" and "The process of creating the offline cache".

Fix the playlist, we have to be able to manage SQLite a playlist for each data source that was stored in the JSON data.

Playlists that were previously used to be reloaded so when you switch the data source.
It is a small amount of memory used in large playlist.
Was faster in other words.

It was also the cause of the heavy processing and then the process of creating the offline cache.
Have to handle this efficiently by reviewing the playlist.

It does not always cache becomes full. I had to be removed from the old cache is automatically available space is exhausted.

I've also fixed some bugs in addition to this fix. It is a bug that ends in the middle of playback of m4a to big things.

I added the last Miku theme. I love Hatsune Miku.

Please contact me if there is a demand on the theme.

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