Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fixed a few bugs

The following fix will be included in an update of this weekend.

* Fixed a bug that crashed after the album's song selection
* Fixed a bug that crashes when you change the data source in the sub-list view
* Fixed a bug in the Options menu of the character and Dark Rie is not visible
* Fixed a bug where album art is not to redraw the album art to play a song that has not been set

I'm investigating a bug where song order is incorrect.
(I have not been able to reproduce yet)

The latest build can be downloaded from the following link.
If you use, please uninstall it before installing.


1 comment:

  1. Hello again, more on bug "Song Order Incorrect."

    The files have been encoded with LAME encoder.
    In the file, I see ID3 tag. I also see in plain text "TRCK 12/23" (this is track #12 of an album with 23 total tracks).
    Plus, the filename of this file is "12-SongTitle.mp3".

    So, JustPlayer should take into account the ID3 tag information. If it does not find the track ID, it should sort according to the filename.

    But, now it appears it is sorting alphabetical according to SongTitle in ID tag. And this is not good.

    Note: Internet Explorer does not show track number of such files. Maybe it is looking for ID2 tag? But it is sorting filename, which is OK.