Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ICS Support

I have other work I should, But I escaped.
That has implimented a JustPlayer today.

The current implementation has been changed playlist.
We know you want. But I am worried if I do I implement it. The program is a simple, GUI. How difficult do you propose that is usability.

For example, adding a playlist, add a new playlist, replacing the playlist, added to the current playlist. Replace the current playlist. Add to context menu of all these measures and the best idea.

What to do then? There is one answer to QuickActionDialog. Is it easy to understand icons can be increased even if this action.
But I'm not good at design icons.
Would be unnecessary and confusing to use the quad icon.

The icons are not a problem to be solved soon, I decided to do something else.

I want to support the implementation of ICS had before.
The following screen shot will work with only ICS / HonyComb.

Notification control

LockScrenn control

If the user of the ICS, please forward to the next release.

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