Monday, April 1, 2013

This is not April fool

Well is not a special log, though it is April Fool's Day today.
I personally want to end early.
Because, more tired than usual useless information.

JUST PLAYER development is advancing little by little.
I was able to implement the registration of bookmarks today.
However, the implementation of the playback is not over yet.

Then I changed to refer to the external SD card in v3.38.
Because there is a problem in the opinion of some users.
Then, I tried to respond to the problem of character with a small device mdpi.
I did a test in the emulator, you may still have a problem.

Anyway,,, I wanted to go to GoogleIO!
Can not get tickets!
Really sorry,,,

The picture below is a screen bookmark.

This APK file:

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  1. This is nothing to do with fool's day, but I ask it anyway, is there any chance to change character encoding in Just Player, we have a ä and ö in use here Finland and those doesn't work with it.
    Ä is (Ä) and Ö is (Ö) in song names.