Friday, January 25, 2013

Release Build v3.34

We have released a new version today.


* Added an option to select Control that resides in the notification area
(Display time in the notification..)

* Added an option to select the animation when switching screen
(Animation Type)

* Added an option to select swipe the screen switching
(Enable swipe)

* Can now be added anywhere to a playlist
(Long click on the item that I want to add)

* You can select multiple songs and albums

* adjust the size of the icon

* changed the ad

* Disappeared from the menu to save the playlist and reading

* Was added to the resources of Korean
(Chan hwi Lee thank you)

* Change the amount of the donation
(200JP, 500JP, 1000JP)

PlayStore here:

apk download here:


  1. Multi-select appears broken now. Can still select multiple items, but only the first item in the list gets added to play list.

  2. Thanks for the report.
    I can not confirm yet in my device, Could you tell me the detailed steps?