Thursday, October 25, 2012

Release v3.22

We released the v3.22.

The fix is to modify UI is big.
We have fixed some other bug.

Now works but AndoridOS2.1!
You can enjoy the latest UI I have dropped a few features
Then, we adjusted the layout of the tablet.

There should be less of a bug in the release today.
Since I will be busy until the end of the year, the fixes I might not go for a while.
Please write an email or blog have requested something.

I can not reply in the comments in the market.


  1. Hello,

    I am not sure where is the official place to post bug reports for JUST PLAYER so I will use comments section here.

    There is a strange issue with JUST PLAYER 3.17b. While NotificationService is running it is not possible to install .apk files.

    To reproduce the issue:
    1. Start JUST PLAYER.
    2. Slide down the notification bar and tap on the JUST PLAYER's notification. (NotificationService will start)
    3. In a file explorer (for example in Ghost Commander) tap on an .apk file. (a screen with question "Do you want to install this application?" and two buttons "Install" and "Cancel" appears)

    4. Click on the "Install" button. (nothing happens -> this is the bug)

    5. Kill NotificationService.
    6. Repeat steps 3 and 4. (now the "Install" button works)

    Note that the button is not disabled but yet it does not work.

    I am using Sony Ericsson Xperia Android 2.3.4.

    1. JUST PLAYER control buttons with the notification area is implemented by way of a little brute force.
      Some devices are concerned about the possibility of inconvenience will appear for that.

      It came out that this comment will probably still have a problem.
      I implemented the feature On / Off control button option.

  2. First of all, I LOVE Just Player! It is the very best player.

    But, there is currently one big bug :-(

    Sorting of songs in an album is wrong. Instead of track ordering 1,2,3,4,5 ..., it is sorting alphabetically!

    So it should sort according to track number taken from IDv3 tag! This was working OK still in summer 2012.

    Please fix!


  3. Thanks for the report.
    This is completely my mistake. I'll include in the next update.

    1. I have a question.
      Sort the data is wrong music SD card?
      Or, Dropbox and Ampache? I want information on processing methods each so different.

  4. Thank you! Yes, to clarify:
    The sorting of data on SD card is wrong.

    (I have not tested Amapache plugin in a long time)