Friday, June 1, 2012

v3.12 release

This week is mighty fast!

I recently began to Diablo3, I want to play to end quickly what to do! Give me contact me if there were a person with a Diablo3.
I'm a BattleTag of yokmama#1112.

Oh! Please add to the greeting "I'm using the JUST PLAYER" and.


This week's release is the main modification of the offline cache. Fixed a place to implement them because there is bad about deleting the cache. In addition, we also fixed some bugs may not play properly with plug-in Dropbox.

and, Polish and French resources have been added then.

Polish: Sebastian
French: Mohamed

Thank you for translation!

--------------------- Caution! ---------------------
Please up to date and the provider of Dropbox Ampache Because you have changed from Boolean to Integer flag of the cache. Exception and exit. The index of audio albums and will be reset also.

one more, the friends has been added to the plug-in for JUST PLAYER. Is a "Podcast Provider" is also its name. As the name suggests, can be manipulated in the same sense as the music data to a podcast.

What? Do not need? No, I is required. hahaha!

Feature of this plug-in there is another, I've been managed by the server the URL of the Podcast. So, you can share the URL of the Podcast others have registered. Since counting the number of playback, and none know what is popular. I look forward to increase the number of features from now on!

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