Saturday, April 28, 2012

JUSTPLAYER is using Google Analytics

Hi there.

Today released version 3.7
Did you update to a new version?

This feature is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is able to collect history of the application operation.
This fix did the implementation of Google Analytics is now a big fix.

Why need?

We believe that the first complex UI as a matter of JUST PLAYER.
I think that there is too much for unnecessary features have added a feature so far.
Therefore, it is planned to take statistics using Google Analytics, examine the features that are not used, a redesign.

Therefore, this update does not have a big fix.
However, we have added the following features.

1) 3-Mode Visualizer

Level Meter

You can switch Press and hold on the Visualizer.

2) Translation Request
You can now request to do translations on the application.
Located in the options menu.

LibAndroTranslation Product

3) bug fix
Fixed a bug, but some do not remember.

We are waiting for request.


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