Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We decided to MultiAPK

I was fighting with ActionBar, will give up because it was troubled by bugs.

ActionBarSherlock is a great product.
This is never, ActionBarSherlock is not bad I mean.
The problem is ActionBarSherlock3.5 has not yet support the ICS simply.

Therefore, I had tried a beta version of 4.0, it was still unstable, gave up because of the high possibility of name change method name and style in a future release.

Therefore, in later versions of the honeycomb to implement without the CompatibilityAPI.
And before it was decided to use ActionBarSherlock3.5.

However, the implementation is completely different to MultiAPK. Work is difficult to tackle and from the lower version of many of the features currently working on, so what use is 4.0.

So, I decided to make a first APK since the honeycomb.
It will be published in a range of a small number of users, very sorry.

We can currently about 70%. Since the public a test version, please try to use.


I Beam is a very interesting feature it.

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