Monday, May 28, 2012

v3.11 release

Announcement was slower. We'll v3.11 has been released over the weekend.

This version is offline (WIFI is OFF) If, we have only to state cache can be seen as big fix.
I think many bugs come out yet so during the reconcile phase.
Added a mechanism to post a bug for that from this time.

Bug-mail has come from the end of last week than I expected.
We believe can contribute greatly to fix the bug in the thank you.

So we will fix one by one, thank you for your patronage.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Currently working on fix

Lecture hors ligne impossible ! Marche parfaitement, mais obligation d'avoir une connexion pour écouter sa musique ampache... Impossible de synchroniser la musique désirée pour une écoute offline... Dommage, perd de son intérêt...

This is a comment have been posted AndroidMarket.
Means. "Useless offline because it can not play music to download" In summary.

However, JUST PLAYER is using the download cache.
You can play offline so.
This is why there is such opinion, the infrastructure of the network will not yet well probably more than I think.

We felt it essential for the implementation of the download feature.

I thought the implementation.

1. Download Press and hold the menu can be selected from each

2. Icon will be added next to the location of additional play. Is displayed only deals content providers cache is needed

3. To be added to the download list in the content provider and the appropriate download is requested

4. Download list has been requested from the menu and download required to play the songs that are managed by another.

5. Control so that it will not be downloaded at the same time. (Priority is required to play download)

These implementations were able to image.
However, I may have one suffering.

Cancel download What to do?
Priority control of other apps and What to do?

Is a very annoying problem.

These make the GUI is more difficult.

And typing has stopped.


Added to the Modify menu garbled from this version.
And some bug fixes.

for example.

Album name is garbled
Titles are garbled

When you press and hold to select items that are garbled like this

Monday, May 7, 2012

The source code to Public

Public has been to the source code for JUST PLAYER.
Source code can be accessed from the following URL.


Two branches of Gingerbread and IceCreamSandwich support exists.
JUST PLAYER-LEGACY has become aware Gingerbread.


I moved from GoogleCode.

Source code of these rights is yokmama owns.

Sequential implementation of load process of album and artist

Thank you for waiting.
Have to read sequentially without having to synchronize the catalog of Ampache.

Does not the Sync.
But, Verified is required. Please note.

From it, we've added a link that opens directly to the Artist.
artist link
In order to determine whether the new feature is being used, I am using Google Analytics.
Please cooperate in data collection.